EAS Barcelona


Takeoff Boeing 767, 777 and 787 – Barcelona Airport

Silent Arrow 1-Ton Autonomous Cargo Delivery

The Silent Arrow GD-2000 autonomously delivers up to 1.600 pounds of lifesaving cargo, supplies, vaccines and tactical gear any time of day or night, with a 40 mile standoff and autoland capabilities.

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H-47 Chinook: versatility in flight

To help celebrate the 60th anniversary of the H-47 Chinook’s first flight, we’re looking at some of the ways the #Chinook is awesome. First up: a look at what makes this heavy-lift helicopter so versatile.

Bombardier Global 6500 business jet

Publicado en You Tube.com en octubre de 2019

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Takeoff Cessna 525A CitationJet 2