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Publinoticia / Libro «The wind beneath my wings. John Hutchinson Concorde pilot»

The book's cover
The book’s cover

There were fewer Concorde pilots than US astronauts and only a handful ever had public prominence. This is the story of one of those better known pilots, John Hutchinson. From his birth in India, in the final decade of British rule, to the present day, it is the tale of an exciting and, on occasion, precarious life, with dangerous and near death experiences.

A highly respected and much loved man, John Hutchinson never considered being anything but a pilot and, during his long career has flown over 70 aircraft types, the ultimate being the world?s only supersonic airliner. He has been described by more than one of his colleagues as being «a great airman».

Autor: Susan Ottaway / Texto: Inglés / Páginas: 304 / Precio: 35,65 euros

El libro «The wind beneath my wings. John Hutchinson Concorde Pilot» se puede adquirir online a través de la web de la librería Aeroteca, ubicada en Barcelona. Clicar en el enlace: http://www.aeroteca.com/product-es/29929

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